Our Process

Our business was founded on our discontent with trying to find real, no-nonsense, marketing help, so we understand any hesitations.

Let's take it slow!

Often we joke about how finding the right partnerships in business is a lot like dating. You don't want to rush into marriage with a retainer or large contract - and, frankly, neither do we.

Here's a quick outline of what our process looks like at Advisory Cure. We want to ensure both parties are on the same page and feeling confident about our work together.

Exploratory call to determine fit/needs

Before anything is signed or agreed upon, we have a call to get to know each other. We work to understand the needs of your business and how we can best help. Once fit is determined, the next step would be to move on to the discovery/audit phase of your business's marketing and collateral.

Discovery and analysis/audit

We take a high-level look at your business, data, and current marketing efforts to find insights that will help shape strategy and recommendations.


We take the information shared in the exploratory call and discovery to create a strategic roadmap and recommendations for your business. These are presented to you and amended if needed.


With the strategic roadmap completed, we stay with you through execution. We provide direction as you work toward the defined goals. Advisory Cure can provide some in-house design/content support on an as-needed basis. Here you can decide if a retainer makes sense for our partnership or if you'd like to continue hourly.

Analysis and reporting

We provide detailed reporting on how things are going so that we can celebrate or adjust along the way. We continue to collaborate and leverage your expertise to ensure our highest probability of success.
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