You Can't Be Everything to Everyone

By Autumn Smith

"I'm just trying to keep everyone happy." As business owners and leaders, we've likely all heard or said this before. Whether it's our clients, colleagues, employees, investors, board members, friends, or loved ones - sometimes it can feel impossible to keep everyone smiling.

That's because it is.

The truth is - you can't keep people happy because you can't make them happy in the first place.

You don't have control or responsibility over other people's emotions. Sure, they may have put some of their eggs in your happiness basket when deciding on a purchase, contract, work request, an investment, or some kind of communicated agreed upon expectation. And of course, you should honour those responsibilities, but not everything is going to be perfect for everyone 100% of the time. The results you achieve could inspire happiness in some, but don't go about your day thinking their happiness depends completely on you. That's a lot of weight to carry!

It's all about prioritizing what, and who, is important and doing things in that order. We can to our best to help others feel good, but really it's up to them to decide.


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