Planning Ahead on Your Holiday Campaigns - Set It and Forget It

By Autumn Smith

Winter is coming, and with it the holidays. Much like holiday shopping, our marketing campaigns can sneak up on us too. Who wants to be huddled over a computer during the festivities making sure that your holiday posts get out on time.

The time to start preparing is now.

But where do I start?

Start by looking at your current data, past campaigns, and then set some goals. Choose your KPIs (key performance indicators) in order to measure progress.

Some examples of KPIs you could measure are: organic traffic, leads generated, leads-to-customer ratio, traffic-to-lead ratio, sales revenue and cost per lead.

Use your KPIs to measure how the campaign is doing throughout (not just at the end) so that you can celebrate progress or adjust if needed.

Messaging - See the Bigger Picture

Next, with your goals in mind, think about what it is you want to say to your audience. What is the main goal, or desired next steps that you would like to see your audience take? Consider your buyer persona and the different stages in your buyer’s journey when thinking about the overall story you would like to tell and the emotions you’d like to convey.

Content Map Out - Break it Down into Smaller Pieces

Think of larger content pieces or offers you would like to post and promote. Work your way backward to a starting point. Plan the big content pieces and offers first - and then plan the supporting content in order to promote. When planning out what you would like to do, make sure you give yourself (and anyone you’re working with on the campaign) time to create all the assets without rushing the quality.

Blog posts, email blasts or social media publishing - put it all on a shared publishing calendar. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy. We simply use a Google Sheet at Advisory Cure. Some suggested columns to get you started are: topic/title, category, stage in buyer journey, author, hashtags, and what stage in the writing it’s in. Let your team know where to find the working copy by including urls or a location column.

Set it

Make sure to plan ahead on how many days in advance you would like to put the content into a scheduler and coordinate due dates with your team to make sure everything is there to be put together ahead of time (and proofread). That way you can set it, forget it, and join in on the festivities.


Don’t let your holiday campaigns stress you out. Get started as soon as possible so that you can take a much needed break and join in on the fun with family and friends.

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