Doing What Others Say Can't Be Done

By Autumn Smith

Some might call them "haters," but we prefer to refer to them as critics. It just so happens innovative ideas and forward thinking can sometimes catch one (or some) amid their suffering. Naysayers comparing what they know, what they've experienced, or what they think is right to your journey and "advising" you it can't be done - or at least that it's going to be difficult.

We hope you remember to tack on "in their opinion" with each piece of unsolicited advice. After all, part of being an entrepreneur is accepting great challenges.

The pleasure that comes from what others say cannot be done isn't merely about proving them wrong (maybe a little, but really they should be back of mind). It comes from beating the odds. From believing in yourself so much, you didn't pay any mind to how "difficult" or "impossible" you were warned the task might be - and you just kept going. And you keep going.

Remember, if you haven't reached your goal just yet, keep going. Believe in yourself and pay no mind to unsolicited advice from critics. After all, actions speak louder than words.


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